Going to a live show is a unique and immersive experience, one that allows us to tune out our personal chaos by tuning into the melodies, vibrations, and collective energy of the environment. In our series The Power of Live Music, we delve into the ways that event marketers can leverage this intimate entertainment channel to create brand touch points and drive loyalty.

Attending live music events is a unique and special opportunity for passionate fans. But it is also a massive opportunity for brands,. Here we share some trends in the space so that brands can take advantage of these opportunities:

Increasing brand affinity through an enhanced emotional connection

Science has confirmed the power of live music. It’s true. A biometric study by Live Nation showed that within the first moments of a concert, attendees experienced a 53% boost in emotional intensity. That’s a 2.8x increase over listening to recorded music. That same study showed that fans self-reported a 5x increase in mood by the end of the show.

These emotional spikes bring opportunities for connection in all forms. 63% of survey respondents said that they are more likely to build connections with brands while feeling the emotional charge of live music. 66% are more likely to buy something, and 68% feel a deeper connection to purchases made at these events.

To put it simply: every live show presents an opportunity to build deep, lasting relationships with an audience. Let’s explore how brands are doing just that.

Using mobile technology to create curb-to-curb engagement

With a broad availability of venue-based mobile applications, live event organizers are now able to connect with fans before, during and after a show. Through these apps, fans can rely on push notifications to receive highlights from stage performances, directions to the best entrance to the venue and more.

As an example, the O2 arena in London, UK, has a dedicated app that gives fans exclusive merchandise offers, behind-the-scenes footage, and even augmented reality experiences, where they can take selfies with their favorite artists. Post-show, there are additional opportunities for fans to access digital content, event memories, and interactive set lists.

Deepening fan engagement through RFID

Just like virtual reality in 2018, RFID (radio frequency identification) technology is having a profound impact on the way venues and marketers transform live experiences. RFID wristbands that are mailed to fans ahead of an event, and at the event RFID-enabled photo booths are placed throughout the venue. Attendees simply tap their wristband at a photo booth to take pictures of themselves — pictures that are perfect for sharing on social media.

This option is particularly suitable for brand activations, as a way to engage fans and collect their data for post-event outreach. Additionally, venues can use RFID data to understand which fans are interacting with which activations. This gives them insight into the ROI of their investments, which can be used to attract sponsors in the future.

Enabling native experiences through visual content

Live music has always had a strong visual appeal at its core. Building more high quality content into the live event experience can only add to the emotional upswing. High definition video-based entertainment channels placed throughout the venue is one way to accomplish this. And that’s the business that we are in here at ISM. The goal of adding more video is to deliver an immersive experience to fans that is both dynamic and measurable, and ultimately a platform that offers high value opportunities to venues and marketers.

Today’s live entertainment space is constantly changing. The power of music is undeniable – and the most successful venues and marketers are using smart tech, channels, and opportunities to leverage this power and amplify the fan experience. That’s big opportunity, and it’s wide open for creativity and innovation.

Dan Virgillito is a content strategist with experience in event tech, mobile and native advertising industries. His work has appeared on Taboola.

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