In our series About ISM Connect, we share some news around our formation and strategy

I catch myself saying “Time Flies When You Are Having Fun.” The past twelve months have been so rewarding and fun – filled with passion, memories and accomplishments.  What comes to mind most is how fast our company moves, how you make progress at warp speed. My bosses don’t like it when I say that that ISM Connect is a start-up. They prefer to say that we are an Emerging Growth company (I think start-up makes them think that we only own and wear hoodies).

But you get the idea, we are a young company that is building a huge business in a competitive environment. This warp speed realization hit me like a ton of bricks when I was posting an article on LinkedIn and noticed in my bio that I have been at ISM Connect as a full-time team member for a year now (mind blown).

Incredible accomplishments in the past year

Our accomplishments are so vast and varied.  Some of them include deployments at so many different events include NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series races (nearly 40), 2018 Washington Redskins home games (8), Barrett-Jackson car auctions (3) and new minor league stadiums (2).  Its these events that push us to act with a sense of urgency and move to accommodate customer needs.  We also learn the most when we are pushed to our limits.

Separately, we installed over twenty screens at our first marketplace, One Daytona.  I’ve also had the privilege to host friends and clients and perform random acts of kindness to people that I have never met at some of the most desirable concerts and sporting events on the planet.  And maybe in the “I never thought I’d do this” category, I now have pro-level status as an operator of heavy equipment.  As I look at all the things I have accomplished and the lessons that I have learned along the way, it encourages me to work harder, continue to develop a community, and have more fun!


The twelve months ahead

While the past year was rewarding, we are entering a new challenge – moving from potential to execution, and capitalizing upon the promise of our assets.  As we move forward top of mind is our deal with Minor League Baseball and kicking off the 2019 in style.  We also want to develop our products and create more value for our customers, which includes building a new product called Fan guard that venues are clamoring for.  As I’ve mentioned in my diaries, we also want to stay passionate and work with purpose and surround myself with hard working, kind and smart people.  And act that way myself!

The rational part of my brain wants things to slow down a little but that part only comprises .01% of the whole so I am going to keep it to the wood and see what fate has in store.

Mike Verlatti is the ISM Connect Chief Operating Officer. 

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