Thank you for being a valued ISM Connect customer, we actively monitor our software but also depend on our customers to alert us of issues not caught by our monitoring systems. Please complete the form below so we can address your issue immediately.

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(1)An Issue that results in a critical business impact such as:
+ Complete or substantial loss of service or product
+ Real or perceived loss or corruption making an essential part of the product unusable
+ Inability to use a mission critical service

(2) An Issue that results in a high business impact such as:
+ Functionality of the product is adversely affected, but can be circumvented
+ Functions are disabled, but the product remains operable
+ Complete or substantial loss of service when using a test system.

(3) An Issue that results in a medium business impact such as:
+ Partial non-critical functionality loss and the Issue has no significant effect on the usability of the product
+ Time-sensitive Issue, important to long-term productivity that is not causing an immediate work stoppage.

(4) An Issue that results in a minimal business impact such as:
+ No impact to quality, performance, or functionality of the product, or cases of general information requests, such as usage and configuration.

ISM is building the world’s first fully integrated, end-to-end smart network of fan engagement technology. We are building Google-like capabilities for the physical world, providing data for live events and the millions of people that attend them worldwide. In our first 18 months, we’ve deployed to major customers such as Minor League Baseball, NASCAR and major concerts to create a healthy pipeline of prospects that will enable significant growth. Our technology lays a foundation for future success – creating capabilities that harness machine learning to automate and improve the fan experience. Our data provides live event analytics, around the demographics and engagement of your visitors, as well as visual analytics, that provides access control and security for your venue. Participate in our growing network as a new customer and pilot our innovative technology. We modernize the way fans experience events, brands connect with fans, and venues deliver unforgettable experiences.

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