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Our team of marketers, data scientists, entrepreneurs and software engineers works together each day to bring actionable data to live event venues and advertisers. Our offices are headquartered in Doylestown, PA where we have a staff of over 50 people supporting our business. A live event deployment team travels the country bringing our technology to multi-purpose sports and entertainment venues, retail centers and cities.

The needs of our clients are constantly changing to meet shifting demands of their markets and fans. At ISM, we’re focused on offering flexible solutions that allow our partners and clients to not only adapt, but to be leaders in innovation in their industries so they in turn can provide great, modern fan experiences.


Sales Support

It’s fun to work on such a wide variety of projects with such a diverse set of businesses.  It provides great perspective to understand our customers needs and no two days are the same here at ISM.  We use all of this feedback  to better optimize consumer experiences for the benefit of everyone involved.


Account Management

We believe the future of our industry lies in building a “system of systems”, a network that allows the standardization off many products into one singular solution. In today’s world, being state-of-the-art means making the complex simple, and helping clients create business and drive innovation.



Kent Heyman

Kent Heyman


Kent Heyman is a veteran general counsel turned CEO with a knack for leading technology startups from poor to profitable. He joined ISM Connect after his former company, Consumer Mobile, purchased Ingenuity Sun Media and Crowd Joy in June of 2017. In the office, Kent is a trusted advisor with a reputation for being accessible, insightful and always focused on the end result. Outside the office, Kent is a sports fan and a coach. He enjoys everything about sports — watching, listening and talking about it at the watercooler.

Ryan Owen

Ryan Owen


Ryan Owen is an experienced stock trader, founder of successful startups, professional empathizer, leader by example, team coach on and off the field, and a diehard fan of Penn State football. He runs the day to day business at ISM Connect and, by way of example, aims to build a culture where egos are left at the door and no one is afraid to get their hands dirty. His LinkedIn profile features an impassioned quote from Theodore Roosevelt that embodies his leadership mentality as president of yet another happy, healthy startup.

Sanjay Manandhar

Sanjay Manandhar

Chief Technology Officer

Sanjay Manandhar is an entrepreneur and a passionate student of technology. He came to the US in the mid 1980s to attend MIT where he earned a BS in electrical engineering and computer science and a Masters at the MIT Media Lab. In 1994, he brought connectivity to his native country, Nepal, and prior to joining ISM Connect, Sanjay founded Aerva, a browser-based content management platform that revolutionized traditional out of home advertising. Sanjay brings a wealth of experience creating successful tech products to the team at ISM Connect.

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