NASCAR fans are some of the most passionate in sports. If you’ve ever been to a race, it’s easy to understand why. While the action on track is visceral and breathtaking, fans expect more. In our series Modernizing NASCAR, we will detail the innovation happening in the sport — at the tracks, in the media and across the business.

Leading the way into a new era of auto racing

What makes NASCAR so invigorating is the assault on your senses that can only be experienced in person. Forty 800-horsepower stock cars screaming past at 200 MPH has always set the sport apart, and as venues like Daytona International Speedway and ISM Raceway have brought their facilities into the modern age, it’s clear that the sport is investing in its future.

ISM is taking the same approach on social media, where to kick-start the exciting month of February we are launching the new @RaceFanCentral platform. This channel will evolve the former @ism_vision social following — 40,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — into an engagement platform, built specifically for race fans. We will deliver original programming, fan-centric storytelling and of course, promotions and giveaways.

Historically our giveaways tried to provide tickets and inside access, but now, we want to provide customized experiences that don’t just get fans to the race, but allow them to experience the sport itself.  Whether its riding in the pace car, tours into some of the most exciting venues in sports, ISM Connect is set to kickoff a myriad of giveaways that will benefit the fans.  Stay tuned and follow us to win weekly or season long prizes that are aimed at giving back and plussing up the NASCAR gameday experience.

Enabling race fans to be part of the conversation

We want those fans to tell their own stories, whether at the track or joining from home, we are building a community of passionate NASCAR storytellers.  We know that without the incredible race fans, there would be no NASCAR and no @RaceFanCentral, so on this new channel, the fans are the superstars. Most of what this community intends to do is provide helpful content – around access, education or humor.  We intend to build compelling series with your favorite drivers like the Path, What i Wish i Knew and the NASCAR minute.

With our network of race teams, tracks, and brands, ISM will be able to bring fans closer to the action than ever before, both on their device and in person. We are teaming with the likes of Hendrick Motorsports, Joe Gibbs Racing, JTG Daugherty, GMS Racing, Richard Childress Racing and others to give fans even more behind the scenes content in 2019. Once in a lifetime opportunities and VIP fan experiences will be the norm for our followers. In fact, when the cars hit the track in Daytona in February we’ll unveil our biggest giveaway ever. You’ll want to follow us to find out more.

Creating a natural touchpoint for advertisers

@RaceFanCentral represents a transition around how ISM will create social communities that provide value to fans but also are targettable audiences to advertisers.   Tracks and advertisers will be more integrated into social messaging, providing a more genuine connection to the already loyal fan base and a cohesive campaign extension.

Team access, racer insights, and behind the scenes coverage will be rolled out across the network this year in high-definition video format, giving our existing partners — Kroger, Tyson, Honda Generators and Circle K — the opportunity to build brand affinity through original content sponsorships.

We fully anticipate that our current and future brand partners will embrace this new chapter and join us on @RaceFanCentral to offer brand giveaways and experiences that supplement our offering in an authentic, fan-serving way. It’s going to be a great season, and we’re just getting started!

Follow along and join us on our journey into the future of the fan experience with @RaceFanCentral – now live on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Brian Becker is the Head of Marketing at ISM Connect

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