In our series Meet the Team, we introduce our employees and divulge personal stories about who they are, where they’ve been, and the daily challenges they face.

The ISM Connect analytics team works hard to deliver key insights that help to demonstrate our products to a wide portfolio of strategic partners. Just like much of our company, many of the team members are spread across the country so effective communication and prioritization are both important aspects around how the team manages an increasing workload and set of customers.  More specifically, despite being located in different time zones, they try to work the same hours and use technology like Slack, Zoom and Bitbucket to collaborate. Additionally, the need for human connections is not lost on the team, and they try to meet in person at least bi-monthly.

With an increasing workload and changing requirements, they are required to respond to requests fielded from across the company, so consider their flexibility and agility as a differentiator of the team.   And while they won’t say this, we in the office consider them super heroes for the work they do. Here are some fun facts and figures that describe this supernatural team.

Brad Soricelli, shepherd of data superheroes

Identity:  Leader of the analytics team and architect of the analytics pipeline

Fun fact: Always refers to himself in the 3rd person

Favorite superhero: Radioactive Man

Super Powers

  • Guides, organizes, and sets the vision for ISM analytics and business intelligence
  • Facilitates communication and issues for analytics requests, concerns, processes, and products
  • Manages the data warehouse

Brad is a technologist that loves all things data — particularly how it can be applied to social situations and economics. He joined ISM Connect in September 2016 to design, develop, and administer the database.  As ISM Connect matured, his role evolved into leading the ISM Analytics team.

Raised in a military family, Brad spent the bulk of his 20 year technology career supporting the US armed services through the development of high-performing and mission critical computer systems and consulting for dot com startups. Brad thrives on small teams that deliver big results. He is a believer in the notion that independent learning is compulsory for success, and that hyper-attention to detail is a must in an industry where one errant character can cost an organization thousands of dollars.

In his free time, Brad enjoys live music and sporting events, especially at his alma mater Penn State. He also coaches youth sports, and relishes any time he can get on a ski slope or a road bike.

Bernie Gray, the data surgeon

Identity:  Developer of the ETL (aka extract, transform, load) pipeline and applier of data science algorithms

Fun fact: Despite doing very technical work for a living, Bernie also had a liberal arts major (Spanish) in college.

Favorite superhero: Perry the Platypus

Super Powers

  • Develops code used in the ETL pipeline that moves and transforms data
  • Uses data science processes and methods to extract meaningful BI knowledge from all data sources
  • Creates visualizations and data summaries

His experience spans several years at companies of different sizes and industries working in the data science field. He has an M.S. in statistics from Notre Dame and will complete an M.S. in computer science from Georgia Tech this year. Since joining ISM Connect in March 2018 as a data scientist, Bernie has been involved in almost every area of ISM’s analytics offering. Outside the office, he is active in open source software development and is the author of the cattonum R package.

Bernie is a college sports fan, especially of Notre Dame football and basketball.  He enjoys fishing, playing chess, music and concerts, and watching TV.

Mark Modig, the data wrangler

Identity:  Engineer of the ETL pipeline

Fun fact: Mark’s sour cherry jam won best prize at the Allentown Fair

Favorite superhero: Mr. Incredible

Super Powers

  • Develops code used in the ETL pipeline to modify it for use
  • Provides quality assurance checks for data moving throughout the pipeline
  • Supports database design and administration

Starting out in testing, Mark has worked in all aspects of software development, from requirements and system engineering, through development, integration, and even documentation. A strong customer focus and emphasis on continuous learning to improve characterize his approach to his work.

Born and raised in southern California, Mark came east to take an M.S. in Computer Science from Rutgers and eventually settle down in the wide open spaces of northern Bucks County, PA.

When he’s not herding his two cats and two sons at home, he’s herding data for ISM Connect, helping to pull data from an ever-widening variety of sources, and prepare and massage it for Cidney to do her reporting magic.

Mark enjoys hiking and camping, along with gardening and generally puttering around in the kitchen.

Ravi Dhanwani, the data ninja

Identity:  Creates data visualizations and supports ETL pipeline development

Fun fact: Ravi had a near-death experience when during a rock-climbing trip gone wrong, he was forced to suspend himself using ropes overnight at a height of 5000 ft above the ground on a rock.

Favorite superhero: Bruce Wayne / Batman

Super Powers

  • Transforms reporting requirements into meaningful data visualizations
  • Creates analytical reports using BI tools for internal and external consumption
  • Supports ETL pipeline development

Ravi Dhanwani hails from a small Indian village. Ravi is passionate about data and insights and likes to push the envelope when it comes to data analytics. He has an M.S. in Management Information Systems from the University of South Florida and a diverse technology skillset.

Outside of work, Ravi is a certified Life Coach and can be found running not-for-profit personal development workshops. Ravi is also passionate about training dogs. He volunteers to rehabilitate dogs with the most challenging and aggressive behaviours, as he belie

Cidney Copeland, the science prodigy

Identity:  Creator of data visualizations

Fun fact: Cidney speaks English, French and a number of African languages from the Niger-Congo Bantu Language Family.

Favorite superhero: Iron Man

Super Powers

  • Transforms customer data and requirements into comprehensive BI reports
  • Mixes science and art to produce targeted, accurate, and aesthetically pleasing data visualizations
  • Responds to ad-hoc data calls

Cidney grew up in the Niagara Region and is a first generation Canadian with British/Irish parents. As a person of few words, Cidney prefers action over talk. She believes there is always room for improvement and strives towards continuous development. Cidney considers herself half creative, half scientist, and half athlete (yes, three halves). Her current focus with ISM is developing analytics reports that are a perfect blend of aesthetically pleasing design (art) and key intuitive insights (science).

When she’s not crunching numbers, writing code, and creating visualizations, she can be found hiking through forests, scaling mountains, and strolling alongside rivers with her puppy-sidekick Madden. Cidney’s other pastimes include climbing trees, lifting weights, and taking nature photography.

Brian Becker is a published writer on Forbes and currently serves as the Head of Marketing at ISM Connect.

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