As we close down 2018 and prepare for an exciting journey in 2019, we wanted to share our progress and offer a brief look ahead to our focus next year. As most familiar with ISM realize, we benefit from great partners and an innovative internal team. Our business operates on the cutting edge of the intersection of media and technology.  

Here are some of our key accomplishments as we exit 2018:

ISM Connect: Clarifying our company mission

As we continue to integrate our acquisitions, we’ve worked to simplify what we do and better identify our core customer. This exercise brought us our new tagline, “Modernizing the fan experience.”

Accordingly, we have revamped our digital properties (website, social media channels), and we’ve rolled enhanced messaging into consumer-facing documents, including our media kit and one pagers that define our core customers – brands and venues.

ISM Vision: Modernizing the race fan experience

We had a successful 40 Race NASCAR season, with increases in revenues, engagement and social influence. We also sponsored the Grand Opening of ISM Raceway. Our ISM Vision Network served over 4.1 million content spots in 2018, and our team worked closely with race teams, tracks and brands to create nearly three thousand pieces of original content. Attention time grew 18% this year, and over 100k consumers participated in our off-platform digital campaigns.

Minor League Baseball: Creating the Allegiant Airline Network

Our MiLB team is well on its way to an industry-first launch of our fan engagement network,.  Not only have we already signed the initial 26 teams for 2019, we have secured interest for additional teams for 2020, on our way to 60 ballparks by opening day 2020.  In December, our team traveled to Las Vegas for the Baseball Winter Meetings, where we presented our solution, and launched new content for our Allegiant Airline Network. The response from our Partners at MiLB and the teams has been enthusiastic, exceeding our expectations.. While there is much work to be done, we are eagerly anticipating the launch of this network, as it presents a first-of-its-kind opportunity for national brands to reach millions of engaged, diverse local baseball fans.

Smart Retail: Saying Goodbye to a great business

In late 2018 we agreed to sell our Smart Retail business to Smith Micro.  The transaction is expected to close this month. This deal is a “win-win”  creating a great opportunity for the Smart Retail team to expand their customer and product portfolio, and  at the same time providing necessary capital to help grow our core businesses. We will certainly miss our Smart Retail colleagues, but as ISM will become a major shareholder in Smith Micro, we will be eagerly following their future success!

FanGuard:  We prioritize consumer safety; it’s part of our mission

As you know, we successfully launched FanGuard in connection one of the most successful concert tours in entertainment history.  Due to the incredible professionalism and dedication of too many people to name, we have proven that it is possible for us to make the fan experience Better And Safer.  Our technology is about to change the way that venues manage and secure their events.  

Smart Cities:  Innovating city landscapes

2018 saw the launch of our Smart Cities Initiative, with commencement of production of the first 250 Solar Powered Units for commercial distribution.  By combining our platform with high quality digital formats, configured for speedy deployment on specially designed solar units, 2019 will see us launching a truly disruptive form factor into the DOOH market.

Conferences & Trade Shows:  Digitalizing presenters

ISM’s platform is used at various conferences and trade shows to help vendors and consumers optimize their experience. Our network forms a new marketing channel, enabling the analysis of actionable insights around the conference experience. Some of the 2018 shows included the Greenbuild Conference and Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction.   In 2019, we will be dramatically expanding our presence in this promising vertical market.

What’s more important than us?

The pace has been frenetic, by design, as we attack the unique market opportunity that is before us.  But, all of the energy and excitement of an early stage, high growth business brings unique challenges.  2019 will be another year of exciting growth, and we appreciate your confidence in us as we continue to roll out the business processes and systems that will be needed to support your efforts.

As we end this year and look forward to next, we are deeply thankful for everyone’s participation. Because of all of you, 2019 will see us become the fastest growing Digital Out of Home Network in North America, and perhaps the largest Smart Network anywhere in the world. It’s gonna be a helluva ride!

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