The first post in an article series titled Product Benefits, Bernie Gray, data scientist for ISM Connect, reveals the inner workings of our audience measurement capabilities.

Data is a key component of ISM Connect’s live event offering. Our extensive network of multi-purpose entertainment venues allows us to display promotional content on our permanent screens, like those at One Daytona, and on screens at live entertainment events like the Taylor Swift Reputation Tour. We not only deliver content to fans at those venues, but we also provide actionable insights on the performance of their live event campaigns. After the event is over, our analytics team helps brands understand how fans engaged with their content through detailed performance reports.


How our live event campaign analytics are generated.

ISM Connect uses two technologies to understand fan engagement with promotional content at live events: a content management system (CMS) and data metric cameras. The CMS has two main purposes. First, it organizes the content that plays on our screens which allows us to deliver content loops directly to the screens from our remote offices. Next, it records data about that content, letting us know when each spot played and on which screen. Mounted on each of our screens is a data metric camera that records information like the number people within viewing distance of each screen at a certain time, how many people are actually looking at the screen, how long someone watches the screen, and the demographics of the viewers.


What insights do we provide to brands and venues?

By combining data from our CMS and the data metric cameras, we are able to present brands with a comprehensive view of how their content performed at an event, or, in the case of a permanent installation, during a set time period. Since the CMS tells us the start and end time for each piece of content and the camera tells us when fans engaged with the screen, we are able to paint a clear picture of the campaign performance. We know when the fans engaged with the content on each screen and across our network of screens. After an event or over a set time period, we are able to provide brands with the detailed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of their campaign. 

Each brand partner receives a report describing the following:

  • Number of people within viewing distance of screens showing the brand’s content
  • Number of people who actually viewed screens while the brand’s content was playing
  • Number of times the brand’s content was played during the event or time period
  • Viewer demographics, including age bracket and gender
  • Locations of screens in and around the venue that showed the brand’s content

Venue partners receive similar analytics summarized over the entire event or time period. Venue analytics are not focused on a single brand, but instead display a comparison of all pieces of content across all brands involved with the event or time period at the venue.


How our insights translate to understanding live event campaign efficacy.

Armed with the insights from ISM Connect’s analytics reporting, brands can examine the efficacy of their content based on much more than a vague idea of “impressions”. They can now not only answer the question of how many fans viewed the screen while the content was playing, but they also know how many of those fans were close enough to see it. Comparing these two numbers tends to offer some real insight into how appealing the content is and how well it actually performed.

Moreover, our reports tell brands how long viewers watched their content and which individual spots were watched the longest. This allows a brand to determine whether a certain piece of content is holding viewer attention longer than another. It can also suggest whether any of their content appears to disengage viewers. Are certain pieces of content generating more interest among a certain demographic group? The answer is in the data.


Finally, a word on brand conversions and ROI.

Because of the ability to measure campaign performance by combining a CMS and data metric camera technology, ISM Connect’s brand partners can reach a captive audience of fans while they glean insights about how the content performed. The insights generated allow them to optimize their creative assets, engage with the right demographic viewers, and ultimately increase ROI on their live event campaigns. When a brand creates promotional content tied to an on-site activation or promotion, they can see not only how their content performed, but also how many conversions they received while that content ran. This is where the magic happens.

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