In our series How We Innovate, we explore some of our most strategic customers to explain how our technology is empowering commerce and sport. 

The new generation of consumers expect an experience when attending events and engaging with the event attendee has become ever more paramount for conference organizers. Barrett-Jackson is working with ISM Connect to understand their attendees and add direct value to their auction experience through the use of smart screen displays and audience analytics.  And after three different auctions using ISM technology, Barrett-Jackson relies on us to deliver unforgettable experiences to their show attendees.

How this works

At Barrett-Jackson’s recent Palm Beach and Scottsdale auctions, ISM Connect deployed an intelligent screen network across the auction grounds, delivering live auction block coverage, event schedules, and real-time social content to help inform attendees.  Our screens also projected life feeds accross the auction and helped attendees connect with other attendees and stay attuned to the event while walking throughout the showroom floor.

How this helps our customer

Using ISM Connect’s audience analytics technology, Barrett-Jackson was able to collect demographic data related to their attendees, including visitor count and engagement (impressions). These comprehensive insights and event heat maps can be delivered directly to sponsors and event managers to let them understand their impact and improve performance to optimize future shows.

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