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Most entrepreneurs employ philosophies that are crucial to the way they act and are integral to creating a vision. One of my former employers regularly used a common philosophy – “People, Product and Profit”.  I interpreted it to mean if you get the people right, they will create a great product that will generate lots of profit. Marcus Lemonis often talks about this on his CNBC show “The Profit”.  Lemonis believes that a business that lacks one of these three things often fails or it leads to real challenges to reah the next level.

Going deeper on how i apply this into our work and our people

Continuing to invest in these three P’s has greatly contributed to my business success.  Like the two individuals mentioned above I believe that people make the biggest difference in any organization. Whether you are selling FroYo or the latest Google innovation, the interaction between your employees and your customers can make or break the most capable company.

Consider both your internal and your external customers when thinking about the interactions your employees have as well. Often times I see people that are dynamic, thoughtful, relationship builders to their external customers but are the proverbial bull in the china shop inside their employers’ office.

Working with passionate people

I am truly blessed – in my career, I’ve navigated through lucrative jobs that paid well (while some didn’t), but realized very early that money doesn’t translate to happiness. What I value most is working with passionate people that are also passionate about working on the projects that they love. You see this passion come to life in everyday experiences – for example, when you talk to a barista at a hipster café or a programmer that is trying to hack the latest Android application. No amount of money or fringe benefits can buy this type of passion regardless of how hard a person tries to fake it.

At the intersection of passionate people, working towards a purpose

When an employee is clear on their purpose and their role within an emerging company, that organization can do great things. For years I worked along side a very smart and talented young lady that was very clear that her purpose was to provide excellent customer service to her internal customers and ensure that they arrived safely at their destination with a clean hotel room to sleep in. She did this while also knowing how her decisions to spend money responsibly contributed to the health of the organization.

By being clear on her purpose in our organization as well as being confident in the importance of that responsibility she quickly became one of our best employees (not to mention one of my favorites as well).  As I travel through life’s journey I strive to surround myself with great, passionate people that are passionate about living their purpose and do my best to help others realize their purpose.

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