In our series About ISM Connect, we share some news around our formation and strategy.

ISM Connect, a new company formed from the combination of Customer Mobile and Ingenuity Sun Media (ISM), has now acquired CrowdJoy and their mobile engagement products to add to the new company’s overall portfolio in their growing digital engagement platform. The announcement was made by ISM Connect CEO Kent Heyman.

“We have entered a new digital age in brand engagement, and the proven products CrowdJoy has developed align naturally and perfectly with the direction that we’re heading with our business,” says Heyman. “Knowing the needs of our clients and what the market demands, integrating the CrowdJoy team and its products into ISM Connect will prove to be a valuable addition to our strong and growing company.”

The new, combined company will innovate

ISM Connect currently offers a 360° engagement platform that uses a network of intelligent display screens and a powerful analytics engine to track and analyze the interactions, behaviors and demographics of their select audiences. By adding the CrowdJoy mobile offering to its product suite, ISM Connect now has the ability to enhance the interactive and location-tracking capabilities available to both new and existing clients.

Paired with the promotional content showcased on dynamic displays, an ISM Connect mobile app will allow advertisers to create truly engaging interactive digital experiences that transcend the screen and lead to physical world actions and conversions.

We expect to help our customers and create further utility

The ISM Connect mobile app creates incentives for users to participate in branded activations and interact with sponsored elements, allowing for added layers of engagement beyond impressions and views. Combined with existing analytic and data visualization tools, this will provide clients of ISM Connect with unprecedented visibility into the effectiveness of their promotional campaigns and overall ROI.

“On their own, CrowdJoy, Customer Mobile, and ISM each provided impressive services to enhance the live event experience,” says CrowdJoy CEO and co-founder, Ryan Owen. “Each company’s offerings are complementary to the others. So it made sense for Customer Mobile and ISM to partner and form ISM Connect. Likewise, bringing CrowdJoy into the fold makes great business sense. We are excited to be a part of ISM Connect family and look forward to what this merger means in terms of further enhancing the live event experience for both spectators and brands.”

Where we go from here

With the addition of CrowdJoy, ISM Connect seeks to round out its end-to-end digital engagement platform and tap into new consumer market verticals via an integrated and customizable mobile app that provides clients and venues a robust feature lineup including interactive maps, event schedules, sponsored content, gamification, real-time location tracking, and messaging. These actions can then be tied to specific triggers, providing advertisers deeper insight into the impact and effectiveness of their targeted campaigns.

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