In our series About ISM Connect, we share some news around our formation and strategy.

Customer Mobile today announces its acquisition of Ingenuity Sun Media (ISM) to better support and expand upon a client list that includes domestic and international wireless carriers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), major retailers, and large event venues. Customer Mobile and ISM both strive to create more intelligent and better-connected experiences among consumers and brands.

With this philosophy as their framework, their combined leadership has decided to name the newly established business ISM Connect. ISM Connect is poised to be an industry leading, dynamic digital display network catering to the ever-shifting needs of forward thinking venues and brands.

Customer Mobile has an impressive history

Founded in 2009 with an initial purpose of developing flexible solutions for the computing industry, Customer Mobile has expanded upon that concept by creating a cloud-based SaaS architecture that turns ordinary devices into a network of smart screens. These can be utilized as engaging promotional tools that are highly targeted due to their on-site location placement and relevance.

Customer Mobile provides an Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled engagement and analytics solutions platform with applications in retail, entertainment, hospitality, and public works. While the company has earned success with its approach, the leadership team views the ISM acquisition as an opportunity for future growth.

What the merger means for the new, combined company

“We have confidence in the potential of dynamic and interactive digital displays. In looking for a strategic partner that can help us move the needle within the industry, we concluded ISM is the perfect fit for our long-term company goals,” says Customer Mobile CEO Kent Heyman. “ISM has a proven track record as the preeminent end-to-end digital display provider. They have an established 360° engagement platform that directly lines up with the vision we have for the future of our products.”

ISM management believes that there is an engagement revolution taking place that empowers venue owners and advertisers to proactively interact with visitors and attendees of large events. The company developed their business with the fundamental belief that the era of passive advertising has passed. To them, the true business potential lies in the realm of interactive experiences and flexible engagement that showcase highly relevant and actionable content.

Content rich environments will be what wins – physical locations of large venues provide advertisers with an invaluable tool to engage with consumers. ISM Connect will create a full cross-platform solution with all of the tools needed to achieve convergence between outdoor and indoor digital assets, along with mobile devices, and social media efforts.

The correct content, when paired with strategic physical placement, can lead to previously unheard of client value and customer conversion. The ISM display and engagement network has already proven successful at large sporting events and family entertainment venues. It is also gaining traction at retail establishments as manufacturers and mass merchandisers look to expand their reach and sales potential of their products to include new verticals

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