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What we do

ISM is an industry innovator building the world’s first fully-integrated network of smart engagement technology. ISM’s network of over 100 venues reaches an audience of nearly 110 million consumers. Whether a fan, a traveler or a conventioneer, we modernize the way consumers experience events — helping brands connect with consumers and venues deliver unforgettable experiences

Powering Venues

We are building a new vertically integrated media and technology platform that modernizes the fan experience and creates new engagement opportunities. At your most visible events, we provide data around audience and foot traffic through our robust reporting capabilities. In addition to providing engagement technology, we are actively building venue security and safety solutions.

Enabling Brands

We are creating new opportunities for brands to connect with fans through digital out of home touchpoints delivered at public entertainment and sporting events. Advertisers can run engaging integrated marketing campaigns through our smart screen network and consumer-facing social channels.  This boosts event activation and demonstrates product conversion.

Connecting Fans

Our platform targets the needs of the modern consumer, through personalized and smart messaging in environments where they are highly engaged.  Through our network and related consumer campaigns, we strive to empower a culture of fans who share a common interest, creating safe communities and capabilities that make the event experience more enjoyable.

Working together to innovate venues.

“The ISM partnership allows us to better understand our fans through digital analytics.  And through our corporate partners, it creates new opportunities to connect with our fans at a much deeper level to provide a more personalized message.  It will change the way fans experience our games.”

David Wright, Chief Marketing Officer of Minor League Baseball

Some of our Clients

The ISM Connect smart screen network includes an audience of over 110m consumers spread across the US.  Our fans engage at an average of over 20%  and engage at high value venues and events.

Conference & Trade Shows

We innovate conferences or work directly with brands to create actionable insights around their marketing investments.

Minor League Baseball

In 2019, MILB ball parks will get a face lift with, digital opportunities for club programming and advertiser sponsorships on our screens.


ISM Connect manages the digital fan experience at 23 NASCAR tracks throughout the racing season under the name of RaceFanCentral.

Our Stories

Real life and real stories directly from ISM. Helping you power what’s possible to serve fandom, innovate digital marketing and enhance fan experiences.

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